Illumine blog - How to create the perfect room mood with fragrances

How to create the perfect room mood with fragrances

October 05, 2020 0 Comments

Every new season brings the perfect opportunity for a little bit of spring-cleaning and home improvements. From a new coat of paint and extra greenery with indoors plants to rearranging rooms or buying new furnishings, we want the space we live in to feel comfortable throughout the year, fit our personal style and promote our sense of wellbeing and inner peace. 

As well as the visual elements we select to dress our homes, there are other key factors which contribute to creating the perfect ambience. One of those factors is scent. 

Our sense of smell is highly emotive. It has the power to trigger emotions, influencing our mood and behaviour as well as evoking memories. Scents can conjure up recollections of a childhood routine, a particular event and even define people. Scents can also stimulate a particular feeling, influencing our mood. 

The warm nuttiness of home-made biscuits, the freshness of just-mowed lawn or the pleasure of clean bedding are all scents that connect us to our homes, evoking a feeling of ease and intimacy.

An aroma can transform your living space by giving you a sense of ownership of that space. Some fragrances work better in some rooms than others, simply because they can be used to enhance a particular feeling within the room, enabling you to create the perfect mood.


What fragrances are best suited for each room in your home? 


Your Hallway

Illumine Hallway Picture

The entrance hall to your home is an important space as it sets the tone for what is to come. It’s the part of your home where you experience the feelings of greeting and homecoming, welcoming you to your private world. 

Selecting fragrances that are inviting and calming for this space, would not only create a pleasant impression but also evoke comforting emotions. 

Calming and fresh aromas such as vetiver, camomile and neroli, work well in hallways as they can create a relaxing and happy atmosphere as well as induce intimacy. 

From our signature collection of Candle and Room Spritz, Capricorn, Cancer and Aquarius contain the perfect essential oils combination to infuse your hallway with scents that generate an embracing experience.


Your Living Room

The most versatile space in your home is, without doubt, the living room. Modern living rooms are where most people’s home life happens. They see you through the day and become the heart of your home when you gather with your family or entertain friends. Aromas that are soft and agreeable work particularly well in this space, as they inspire feelings of comfort and connection. 

You want your living room to feel tranquil and languorous, whether you're relaxing or you’re casually entertaining. The scents of geranium, basil, melissa and sandalwood have soothing and grounding properties, making them a great choice to create this experience. 

The calming fragrances of Libra, Gemini and Pisces from our signature range make them the perfect option for your living room.


Your Workspace or Study

 Your sense of smell is able to influence brain activity. This is why fragrances can be a powerful tool to increase productivity, boost creativity and maintain focus and mental clarity. 

Working from home is not always easy. The temptation of attending household chores or a noisy home environment can make your productivity go out of the window, despite your best intentions. You can use scents in your home office or study to create an ambience which promotes efficiency, concentration and learning. 

The aroma of rosemary is the perfect Monday morning pick-me-up. It can help improve memory retention and boost attention, especially when you are feeling overtired and need that extra little bit of help getting you going. 

Neroli, on another hand, is great to promote a positive frame of mind. Its citrusy, refreshing fragrance can help lift your mood and stimulate clear thinking, putting you into a better-balanced state of mind to generate inspirational ideas. 

The heat, fresh and woody scent of black pepper is a fabulous choice to help you perk up and invigorate your mind. Its aroma has been shown to enhance alertness and stamina, making it the perfect option for when you are working on projects which require longer hours and greater attention to detail. 

You find the perfect match for your home office or study in our signature fragrances Aries, Aquarius and Sagittarius


Your Bedroom

 Your bedroom is the most intimate space in your home. It’s the place where you retire to truly unwind, sleep and replenish your body’s functions. It’s also your private haven for connecting with your inner self and enjoying passion and romance. 

As fragrances are a powerful tool to awaken emotions, the scents you choose for your bedroom are highly going to be linked to the type of emotion you’d like to experience. 

If you’re generally anxious and struggle to fall asleep as thoughts keep you awake, you want to pick up aromas which foster relaxation and calm your mind. 

Lavender’s scent is particularly well known for its potent properties to aid with sleep. Its light floral aroma can help your body relax, slowing down your nervous system, and send you to a deeper, more replenishing sleep. 

Another great scent to create a serene atmosphere is chamomile. With a slightly apple-like fragrance, chamomile can be very soothing, acting as a mild tranquilliser to alleviate anxiety. When paired with lavender, it can be extremely effective for calming the mind, favouring mental activities such as meditation and contemplation. 

You may also want to use fragrances in your bedroom to enhance your sensual experience. Some scents are a natural aphrodisiac, heightening your libido and increasing your sexual pleasure. Bold floral scents, particularly rose, jasmine and patchouli are king when it comes to sensuality. Their warm and rich aroma has the power to transform your bedroom into a tantalising boudoir. 

Virgo and Cancer bring you the perfect combination of lavender and chamomile to send you into a deep, restoring sleep, while Taurus, Leo and Scorpio’s scents are ideal to infuse your bedroom with quintessential romance.


Your Bathroom

Illumine candles for your bathroom

Possibly the most functional room in your home, your bathroom can be a place to boost your vitality, getting you ready for the day but also become a place of comfort and rejuvenation, where you unwind from the hectic pace of modern living and give yourself a little bit of ‘me’ time. 

You can, therefore, use fragrances in your bathroom that do both: invigorate and infuse you with stamina to kick off your day, but also relieve you from stress. 

Black pepper’s fresh and woody scent and melissa’s lemony aroma are both a great choice to create an energising ambience. You can use them in the morning to help you awaken your senses and feel more alert and ready to face the day. 

You find black pepper in Sagittarius and melissa in Pisces

And when you want to transform your bathroom into an oasis of tranquility, scents like lavender and patchouli will help you infuse the space with serenity and quietude. 

Virgo and Scorpio’s blends not only can help you relax but also compel you to immerse yourself in an indulgent, spa-like experience. 


Your Kitchen

 If there is a room in your home where scent is at its very heart, that’s your kitchen. From the fragrance of fresh coffee in the morning to the delicious smell of Sunday roast dinners, kitchens carry their own aromas, sometimes fresh, others sweet and occasionally bold and spicy. 

The best suited fragrances for the kitchen are those that complement its own natural scents. You want to create an airy, clean, vibrant and inviting mood, replicating some of the food aromas you love. 

A kitchen with the freshly citrus smell of neroli, the crisply herbaceous aroma of basil or invigorating woody scent of rosemary is always going to feel homely and welcoming. 

These fragrances can be found in our signature blends of Aquarius, Gemini and Aries. They all make a great kitchen-mood lifter, filling the space with a warm and cheerful vibe. 


All our fragrances come in the format of a plant-based wax candle or room spritz. You can use the room spritz to add scent to your soft furnishings or to intensify the complementing candle’s scent. They are also ideal for creating an instant ambience for when you don't have enough time to light your candle. You can shop the full collection here. Illumine Collection

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