Our Philosophy

Fragrance with Character

Scents define us. Unlike the clothes we wear, scents don’t fit a style, they carry our personal fingerprints.

Illumine luxury home fragrances have been inspired by you and made just for you. Hand-poured, sophisticated and intensely fragranced, our collections bring scents that capture selected personal traits and mood-evoking triggers.

From the confident, luxury-loving, adventurous, intellectual, hard-working, and deeply emotional heart, to the perfect ambience-lifter for promoting relaxation or romance, each scent puts a personal touch on your home.

Using traditional aromatherapy techniques and high quality essential oils we create long-lasting, deliciously distinctive scents that inject spaces with character and individuality.


Ann King

Illumine is the brainchild of Ann King, from IT analyst to UK-based interior designer and co-founder of the men’s grooming brand King Of Shaves. Ann’s fascination with aromatherapy started from a young age, watching my mother mix herbs and spices in the kitchen to create remedies for a number of ailments.

Today, she uses the beneficial qualities of herbs, flowers and spices to compose fragrances that feel personal and empowering.

Her first collection, The Illumine - Zodiac Signs, is a modern-day twist on century-old, herbalist traditions first popularised by English apothecary Nicholas Culpeper. In the same way Culpeper linked plants and ailments to planetary influences, Ann has created 12 powerful home fragrances that connects each zodiac sign’s main attributes to a distinctive scents.

Ann King Creating Fragrances for Illumine zodiac and home fragrance brand