Virgo - Lavender Candle

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'Time to be Calm'

24 August - 23 September

Practical, perfectionist and fiercely clever, Virgo has extremely high standards and obsesses over everything, working hard to achieve its ideal. This calming fragrance epitomises Virgo’s diligent nature, promoting slow, meticulous thinking.

Intensely botanical, rich and velvety with the top note of lavender and mild notes of geranium and rose, the signature fragrance of Virgo is relaxing and restorative, inspiring a pause for the overworking mind.

  • Natural Soy Wax blend containing Coconut Wax. 
  • 30cl / 220g
  • 45+ hours
  • Truly luxury with 10% bespoke fragrance
  • Matt  Black Glass and Silver lid
  • Soft-touch Black Matt box and cello wrapped

Type: Candles

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