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The Zing your life is missing

Imagine the feeling that anything is possible, needing to dispel the negativity around you and the people telling you that you can't.


Give yourself permission to dream and aim high with the invigorating, lemony fragrance of Melissa.

WHY NOT? has an exotic, being-in-paradise scent to send any worries away. Melissa’s wonderfully fresh, lemony fragrance creates space in your mind and replaces limiting beliefs with an I-can-do attitude. It’s the perfect dawdling-breaker and pick-me-up for those when you simply ‘cannot be bothered.’

  • Natural Soy Wax blend containing Coconut Wax.
  • 30cl / 220g
  • 45+ hours
  • Truly luxury with 10% Fragrance
  • Matt White Glass and Silver lid

Type: Mindfulness Candles

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