Aquarius - Room Spritz

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Aquarius oil of choice is NEROLI

'Hypnotic Healing'

21 January - 19 February

ILLUMINE Aquarius Room Spritz is ideal for creating an instant citrus atmosphere for when you don't have enough time to light your complementing candle or for rooms that are not appropriate for candle use, such as a child room.

The Signature fragrance for Aquarius is Neroli, a beautiful orange fragrance complemented with restful Lavender and exotic Rose.

Your spritz can be used in all your room be it for special occasions, on furniture, as a mist on pillows, and even on writing and tissue paper when used from a distance.

Signature NEROLI with Lavender and Rose fragrance oils 

100 ml

140mm x 40mm

Fabric test before use


Type: Room Spritz