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Do you spend your days going from one chore to another? Dropping the kids off, gym, food shopping...Where has your me-time gone? 

Take the time out to relax, run a bath, read a book or indulge in your favourite chocolates of course! Infusing your space with the subtle apple-like scent of camomile, perfect for soothing the anxious mind.

ALL ABOUT ME has a sweet, being-at-the-orchard fragrance with an incredibly calming effect. Camomile’s soothing creaminess can help dissolve irritability and banish feelings of overwhelm when feeling low. It's the perfect slow-burner for a relaxing evening, indoors and out.

  • Natural Soy Wax blend containing Coconut Wax. 
  • 30cl / 220g
  • 45+ hours
  • Truly luxury with 12% Fragrance
  • Matt White Glass and Silver lid


Type: Mindfulness Candles

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