Cancer - Camomile Candle

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'Live in the Moment'

23 June - 23 July

Very intuitive, sensitive and home-loving, Cancer is a nurturer at heart, frequently ruled by emotions. This soothing scent superbly encapsulates Cancerians’ deeply caring nature.

Sweet, herbaceous and creamy with the top note of camomile and mild notes of lavender and sandalwood, the signature fragrance of Cancer instils comfort and inspires to seize the day.

  • Natural Soy Wax blend containing Coconut Wax. 
  • 30cl / 220g
  • 45+ hours
  • Truly luxury with 12% bespoke fragrance
  • Matt  Black Glass and Silver lid
  • Soft-touch Black Matt box and cello wrapped

Type: Candles

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