Illumine - Just for You


ILLUMINE Candles are the brainchild of Ann King, a UK based Interior Designer. She has been inspired to create ILLUMINE by a desire to create aromas that are not a one-size-fits-all but instead designed with people's traits and personalities in mind. The aim was to create a range of luxury candles and other home fragrances that instil a sense of nurtured and mindful well being.

In short, ILLUMINE isn't just another candle It's -  Just for You.
Pairing scents with star signs is nothing new. In fact, ILLUMINE candles are a modern day twist on centuries-old herbalist traditions first popularised by 16th-Century English apothecary Nicholas Culpeper, who linked plants and ailments to planetary influences.  But even if you take just a passing interest in your horoscope, ILLUMINE candles can still do wonders for you, your friends and your home due to the elegant and inviting fragrances created as a result of the carefully chosen combination of oils for each one.
ILLUMINE candles are made in the UK from a natural soy wax blend containing coconut wax. The wax is blended with high-quality fragrances for a luxurious and long-lasting effect. Lighting an ILLUMINE candle means you will experience the benefit in every area of your home and not just in the room you choose to place it.
Ann's fascination with aromatherapy started from a young age, watching her mother mix herbs and spices to create remedies to alleviate various ailments. Eventually, Ann's knowledge of essential oils led her to become co-founder of the men's grooming brand King of Shaves, in which she played an integral part in advising on and implementing the healing properties of essential oils for razor burn.


Culpeper's English physician and complete herbal