About Us

Illumine is building a reputation for being a British luxury home fragrance connoisseur. We are known for delivering sophisticated all-natural fragrances, well-being in one’s home and enabling you to take your preferred well-being fragrances wherever you need them.

Above all, we are about personalised home fragrances. They are beautiful, design-led home accessories that promote healing and wellness.

Home Fragrances for your Birth Sign

So how do we achieve personalised scents around the home? There are twelve fragrances in the range, each one carefully crafted to suit each of the twelve zodiac signs. The range is less about horoscopes and more about balancing and promoting the good traits you may share with others in your birth sign.

Herbalism, Astrology and 21st Century Home Fragrance craftsmanship

Our home fragrance range uses ingredients from traditional herbal remedies and the historical teachings of aromatherapy. We use essential oils and other natural fragrances that have been associated with birth signs dating back many centuries. In the 16th Century, Herbalists were also usually Astrologers and so ruling planets were assigned to medicinal herbs.

We've combined this ancient practice with traditional aromatherapy and fragrance making know-how from the 21st Century - to make twelve fantastic fragrances in the Illumine Range.

Scents for your home with luxury oils

The signature oil chosen for each zodiac sign is selected for a particular trait linked to that sign and then blended with two complementary fragrances. The Libra fragrance, for instance, uses Geranium oil, chosen for its ability to lift and energise the emotions which Librans can use to achieve the balance they love. Geranium essential oil is combined with Jasmine and Rose oil which combines to deliver top, middle and base notes of a divine scent. Above all the 3 fragrances per scent, triggers a positive mindset that is particular to your zodiac sign.


Illumine Aries Rosemary Candle on Wood